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BIOC Agent 003's Course in Basic Telecommunications 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/ZIP
An 800-9xx-9999 scan VIEW
The Art of Trashing 1/2/3/ZIP
Best of the Best Phreaker's Manual 1/2/3/4/ZIP
The Book of Loops VIEW
Loops Explained VIEW
How to Break Into an AT&T Manhole and get away with it VIEW
The Official Phreaker's Manual VIEW/ZIP
The ABC's of Payphones 1/2/3/4/ZIP
A Telco Glossary VIEW
The Phreaker's Handbook 1/2/3/ZIP
Bullshitting the Phone Company out of Important Information VIEW
The Jolly Roger's Cookbook ZIP
How to Build a Tennis Ball Launcher VIEW
Basic Phreaking From Pay Phones VIEW
How to Build a Shockrod VIEW
Screwing Over Your Local McDonald's VIEW
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Hacking and Phreaking VIEW
Understanding Telephones VIEW
SS7 Network VIEW
PBX's Explained VIEW
What is ANI VIEW
Guide to Low Power Broadcasting VIEW
Guide to Operating a Pirate Radio Station VIEW
The Terrorist's Cookbook VIEW
You and the Police VIEW
Your Rights as a Phone Phreak VIEW
A Technical Guide to Special Access Connections to the ATT Network (pdf format.. kinda big) VIEW

The following were sent to me by 40ozfool

Guide to ATM Theft VIEW
The Complete CBI Manual of Operations VIEW
Stargate's Cell Hacker Journal Vol. 94.11 VIEW
Guide to Cracking UPC's VIEW
Elevator Phreaking VIEW
An Explanation of UNIX Security Holes VIEW
A Cracking Tutorial VIEW
Sources for Lookups VIEW
A Mailbomb Script VIEW
FAQ About Hacking Novell Netware VIEW
NSA Security Guidelines VIEW
Pager, Fax, and Data Intercept Techniques VIEW
The PC Hacking FAQ VIEW
The Phreaking Tutorial VIEW
File One of the Reference Series VIEW
File Two of the Reference Series VIEW
File Three of the Reference Series VIEW
Sniffer FAQ VIEW
The Complete Social Engineering FAQ VIEW
Internet Protocol FAQ VIEW
The Technical Book of Phreaking VIEW
Secrets of Lock Picking ZIP

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