Note: It has occurred to me that from Bell pay phones you don't have to pay, or dial an area code for 780 numbers.
780-6321 Ringback
780-2311 ANAC
780-6211 BellSouth Repair Technician Callback Line. (Make sure you call Sandra, ext. 321.)
780-6212 Carrier
780-6214 BellSouth Child Support Center
780-6255 BellSouth Voice Messaging System
780-6189 Sounds like a fax machine
780-6190 Another one of those messaging numbers
780-6000 BellSouth Florida Pioneers
780-6002 Some guy named Mike with Bell Security (His pager number is 800-494-7929.)
780-6003 BellSouth Business Repair Center
780-6004 BellSouth Session Manager Support Line
780-6006 This guy Bruce's VMB
780-6007 Voice Messaging System
780-6008 Small Business Center

(Thanks to EmilyBeige for these)
800-346-0152 ANAC
800-532-7486 ANAC. Option 1, then option 1 again.
800-950-9999 ANAC

If you have any numbers, you can email them to me.