If you really wanna break into one of these, they can sometimes be a little tough to find,
so I decided to list a few that I've come across. The one that's best hidden is probly the
one on Chickasaw. I'll list more if I find any.
On Chickasaw Trail just before the plaza with the gas station and such.  MAP
On Lake Underhill in front of the entrance/exit to the Publix plaza. MAP
On Lake Underhill a little ways down from the previous manhole, on the sidewalk I think.  MAP
Another on L.U. across from Pinar Dr. MAP
There's a few in the Orlando Fashion Square Mall parking lot. I figure these might be a good choice since no one would really be around late at night.

* There's a LOT of manholes going down Lake Underhill. I've seen them going from the C.O. across from Computer Nuts all the way down past Rio Pinar Estates.