#11 "YELLOW BOX PLANS" By CAPTAIN HOOK On Feb 3, 1986 5:47 Now to begin with you need the following: 1) A telephone line showing up in the wall.You can find the opening behind all those round plates AT&T puts in when they disconnect or begin to put a phone in. 2) 1 Modular jack 3) 1 Screwdriver 4) 1 Human being who knows what the hell their doing!!!! (in other words an IQ of 3 or so will do) PREPARATION: 1) open the plate to expose the wire running through the wall or you ca n remove an old jack to find the wire.(Note: it must be a complete wire not an end as is used for the setup of a normal phone) 2) Cut the wire in half.Now check your other phones (Note: i had 2 other phones so one works the other wont ) 3) Now splice up the 2 ends of the wire you just cut.You will find 4 or 6 color coded wires on each end. 4) Splice up each smaller wire so as the metal is exposed. 5) Next now this is the hard part look at the jack at match the color s(Note:if you cant do this: a) get a very sharp razor blade b) now put to the wrists and slice that. c) wait about an hour and your dead KINDA FINAL ISNT IT!!!!! 6) each screw will now have 2 of each colore wire on it. 7) Plug in the phone. YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE:THIS PROCESS IS IRREVERSABLE!!!!