THE TANGERINE BOX By Happy Harley First Off-This is fucking illegal so I would not try it at all. But have fun if you do, and BTW I assume no responsibilty for whatever the fuck you may do with this. Intro-A tangerine box is a box that inables you to plug it in, then listen to the conversation, without them hearing a click or a jack for headphone, or tape. Parts:Modular Phone Conector Speaker Headphone Jack You can get these at your local Radio Shit, er Shack store... Here the plans, schamateic or whatever Key To symbols: * * =Modular Phone Jack, so does *. * * <==>=Speaker V /\=Head phone jack R=Red G=Green B=Black Y=Yellow, or sometimes white YYYYYYYYYYYY Y Y YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY <==> Y Y YY/ / YY Y G Y / /GGGGGGG GG Y *Y *G G G Y G G Y *R *B G\ / V Note=Just leave the Red&Black alone.. Now, the speaker will be listening when ever the phone is plugged in, and when you plug a pair of headphone or a tape recorder into the Headphone jack, the speaker will automatically disable. Now have fun, and most importantly...DON'T GET CAUGHT