Puce Box Parts: 2 capacitors-- 100 mg, 250 toke capacity 4 Adiodes, 250 toke PIS (Peak Inhalation State) A condensation coil (copper tubing) Knox blocks unflavored gelatin A beer. Instructions: AAttach the capacitors in the following manner: one to red phone wire, one Ato green wire. The schematic is as follows: C1 ---|(---- D1/\D2 / \_________ Copper tubing ______ Gelatin \ / D3\/D4 C2 ---|(---- This is the reception unit. The send unit is simply the reception unit, except a psychomagnetic transducer is in place of the tubing. The LSD is heated at the send unit, causing psychomagnetic fields to oscillate through the transducer. The resulting psychomotive force (PMF) is stored in the capacitors until the peak storage is reached, at which point the caps discharge into the phone line, giving all telco operators a nice buzz. The PMF reaches the reception unit, where it is stored until discharged into the diode array, known as the lysergic rectifier. The rectifier emits vaporous LSD into the coil, where it is condensed into drops, which fall on the gelatin to form window pane. Pop the beer. You've earned it. WARNING: Line noise may cause strychnine formation. THIS FILE WAS WRITTEN BY THE EDITOR Call Ripco 1-312-528-5020