=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/= =/=> How To Build A Pink Box <=\= =/=> Written By Baba O'Riley <=\= =/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\= The function of a "Pink Box" is to ad hold button that allows music or anythielse to be played into the telephone whithe person is on hold. This Modificatioan either be done right in the telephone as a seperate box. =\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/= =/=> Materials Needed 1. Open the wall box and locate the RED and GREEN wires. 2. Take a piece or RED wire and strip tend and attach it to the red lead on the wall box. Do the same for the GN. 3. Connect the GREEN wire to the ANODE e of the LED. 4. Connect the CATHODE side of the LED the UPPER pin of the primary side of the transformer. See diagram below. _____ To one pole of phono ---! Top !--- To HODE of LED -!View !- Primary side To other phono pole ---!_____!--- To pole" or trans. & one pole of switch 5. Connect the pin directly across fromat to one pole of the phono jack. 6. Connect the RED wire to one side of resistor and to the "C pole" of the transistor. 7. Connect the open pin of the switch the other side of the resistor and to the "G pole" of the transistor. =/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\\=/=\=/= =/=> Wiring Diam <=\= =\=/=\=/=\=/=\=//=\=/=\= RCA Jack X-former LED _____ C A Pole or Jack --/---! Top !---/--(*)--\------GREEN wire -!View !- Primary --I---RED wire Pole of Jack --/---!_____!---/-I (O) I I I [--I-----Pole of Switch I 0@? I--------/--m--Pole of Switch =/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\\=/=\=/= =/=> Key to Syls <=\= =\=/=\=/=\=/=\=//=\=/=\= -- Wire I Connection or wire / Connection or wire _/ C pole of transistor --(*)-- [_)-- G pole of transistor I I A pole of transistor (O) Resis I _____ ---! Top !--- -! View!- Primary Transformer ---!_____!--- =/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\ =/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\= =/=> Use of the Pink Box <=\= =\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/=\=/= Hook the RED and GREEN wires up to tappropriate terminals and hook the RCA j to the output on your stereo. Turn on r stereo at a good volume. Now call a frd. To test the Box, Hold down the switcnd hang up the phone. The LED should go and your frien If you have any questions leave me l on: Cook's County BBS 201-666-3538 /1200 The Dugout 201-573-1213 The Bujinkan 201-664-1554 /1200 Brought ot you by: The Crack Crew Written by: Baba O'Riley