The MULTI-BOX planz The MultiBox is a wonderful new box that combines the talents of the RedBox, SilverBox, and the world famous Radio Shack Autodialer.... For those of you who don't know what these do (meaning those of you who don't know shit.. :-) we'll do a little review.... RedBox : Simulates the tones heard by FortressFones upon the deposit of a quarter, effectively giving the phreak a phree fone call! SilverBox : Simulates the A, B, C, and D tones used internally by AT&T. These tones are primarily used in test lines, but could have some phun uses....(Let Me Know!) AutoDialer : The classic DTMF simulator, that is still avaliable at certain Radio Shack's around the country.... Now that we have the basics out of the way, into the planz... The idea behind this is simple: Build a RedBox into an autodialer, then add the SilverBox, and you have a MULTIBOX!(patent pending ) The Construction: Required parts: RadioShack AutoDialer 6.5536 timing crystal SPDT toggle switch The smaller, the better DPDT toggle switch The smaller, the better Soldering Iron or Gun Procedure: The RedBox 1) Remove the back cover of the AutoDialer. 2) Unsolder the 3.2 timing crystal from the PCB. 3) Attach a wire to each hole in the PCB to the center poles of the DPDT switch. 4) Solder the 3.2 T.C. to one of the remaining pairs of poles on the switch. 5) Solder the 6.5536 T.C. to the remaing pair. 6) Drill or melt a hole in the back cover for the switch, and screw it in. 7) On the side with the 3.2 TC, label it "RED". 8) On the side with the 6.5536 TC, label it "NORM/SILVER". The Silver Box 1) Find the 2 rows of solder beads where the IC is connected. The upper left pin should have no solder on it. This is pin 9 of the IC. 2) Attach a short wire to pin 9. 3) Locate the gold wires connecting to the keypad. Unsolder the fourth one from the left and connect it to a short wire. 4) Solder a short wire into the now vacant hole in the keypad PCB. 5) Connect the wire from the keypad to the center pole of the SPDT switch. 6) Connect the other 2 wires to the other two poles of the switch. 7) Drill or melt a hole in the back cover for the swich, and screw it in. 8) On the side connecting to the IC, label it "NORM/RED". 9) On the other side, label it "SILVER". And there you have it! Operation: Simple. Meerly switch the switches (BOTH MUST BE SWITCHED!) to the desired box or the autodialer. For the red box, switch 1 will be in "RED" position, and switch 2 will be in "NORM/RED" position. It's just the opposite for the silver box. For the Autodialer, set both switches to the "NORM" position. To use the RedBox, save five "*"'s into memory, and switch into appropriate positions, and hit the memory button. If there are any 1-615-YOU-WISH! *> This has been a Death Adder '93 production <*