For those of you who are sick and tired of ruining their phone with white and beige boxes that make stupid (and now because of ESS, worthless) tones, there is now an alternative. (Thanks to Magnus!) How this came about: Once I was reading and complaining that there must be a better way to attach alligator clips to a phone without ruining it and making it a permanent phone man's set. I began to contemplate the basic idea of this new box, when I said, "I just happen to have a spare modulator and some phone wire in my phreak kit at home!" Immediately I got some alligator clips. By the thought I was thinking, I knew I was up to something to solve this pain in the ass problem. Construction of the Modu-Box: You will need: 2 alligator clips 2 lengths of wire Preferably red and green about 1/2 a foot long. 1 phone modulator This can be bought (shoplifted!) at Radio Shack or other electronics stores for not very many bucks. (No bucks if shoplifted: the five finger discount) They are simply a little beige colored square piece of plastic that has a phone jack in the front, and when the back is taken off, the inside has 4 wires ready to hitch up to a phone line. Symbols: Y R B G - yellow, red, black, and green terminals inside - length of red or green wire < - alligator clip |B| |G< |Y| |R< The black and yellow should be left alone. (for later use) Now plug your phone into the jack, open up the terminal (explained in the "Terminal Phun" phile), attach the alligator clips to the bolts inside, and if you get a dial tone, then phreak OUT! If you really want to be a smartass, you can use the black and yellow also and make a party line! (brown box)