`/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\` |-------Acrylic Box Plans-------| | \----------------/ | | \______By______/ | | | | [ The Pimp ] | \_______________________________/ Call: /\/\aharaja's Hi-Times 10 Meg BBS C/F 600+ G-Files (7 0 2) - 8 3 2 - 7 4 6 9 \/-----------------------\/ || A High Mtn. Hackers || || Presentation || /\-----------------------/\ Ok the purpose of this box is to get Three-Way-Calling, Call Waiting, programmable Call Forwarding, and an easier way of extended Bud Boxing ALL for FREE. Materials: 1) Wire stripers 2) Couple Feet Wire 3) AT&T/BELL Can 4) Hex Wrench Idea: Ok the idea of this box is to get all of the above features by stealing them from the fortunate ones on your block. Procedure: Step 1) Find AT&T/BELL Can that is being used to service you surrounding area. Step 2) Open can with Hex wrench. Step 3) Find your line and another persons line who has 3-way, Call (waiting/forwarding), if the # of all the lines are not listed in the box you will have to use your local ANI to find them. Step 4) Once you have found the lines then wire the (Black & Yellow) wires on the victims line to the (Black & Yellow) wires on you line (Be sure your phone at home uses all 4 wire as some of the cheap phones don't). Step 5) Then disconnect the victims (Black & Yellow) Wires, resulting the the loss of these features to their line ( you mat want to leave these wires connected, this may or may not cause problems I haven't tried it that may yet). Well That Sums It Up! Procedure for easier extended Bud Box. If if for some reason your line is disconnected, or you just want to use hook someone's line to your line for fearless phreaking follow the procedure below. Ok Go to the local can and find a line that is used by weekend visitors or a summer/winter home, and hook their (Red & Green) Wires to your (Red & Green) Wires, and your off into the fearless world of phreaking ( i recommend you phreak from these line, so that the owners don't get uptight and look into the matter), unless of course you are doing it for revenge! Some Suggestions: Take a Bud box Along to do a ANI just to make sure you have the right line, also in some cases you will have to switch between the (Red/Green) (Black/Yellow) or any other combination if your area has changed the standard format which id very unlikely. Have Fun And Call /\/\aharaja's Hi-Times 10 Meg BBS C/F Line 600+ G-files 7 0 2 - 8 3 2 - 7 4 6 9 And I'm not responsible for your actions. If you have any questions just call me at the BBS above. Acrylic Box: Written & Created By [ The Pimp ]